Shepherd works the way you do

Who we are

We're a software company, but we're in the veterinary business. We've been there for the dewormings, the vaccinations, the 2 a.m. barn calls for a laboring mare, the angry pet owners, the overjoyed pet owners, the exhausted pet owners, and the wriggling litters. We've seen it all, and we're here to remind you: You deserve joy.

What we believe

Vets deserve joy. Joy is why you got into this work in the first place. Remember? It wasn't because...

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At Shepherd, we believe vets deserve joy.

Joy is why you got into this career in the first place. Remember? It wasn't because you love staying up late to finish your records or balance your books. It was because, even before you ever understood what a career was, you wanted to help animals. You wanted to be the one to tell a family their best friend is going to be OK, and the shoulder to cry on when it's time to say goodbye. You understood that the bond between a human and a pet has a magic that makes the world a happier place. Being a guardian over that bond is what drives you.

But oftentimes, that joy gets lost in the chaos of running a productive practice. Spending hours catching up on paperwork. Working late to fit in every patient, even when your schedule is already full. Celebrating a new life just moments after witnessing the end of another. Your days start early and never really end because you're constantly wondering what you could have done better, how you could have done more. And somewhere along the line, you forget about you.

You give up so much to be the caregiver you are. Time with family, your emotional health—not to mention paying off student loans. And it's too often you feel you have nothing left to give, yet you tell yourself this is how you should feel. We're here to tell you: it doesn't have to be this hard. Running a business doesn't have to eclipse the love you have for your work. In the midst of the unavoidable lows and overwhelming highs, it's still possible to rekindle your joy.

You deserve to get as much as you give. You deserve to feel peace at the end of the day. You deserve to take home more stories and less stress.

From vet to vet, we're here to remind you: You deserve joy.


Meet our founder

Dr. Cindy Barnes is a practicing emergency vet and the medical director of the first 24/7 emergency animal hospital in Northern Arizona.

Shepherd works the way you do
Shepherd works the way you do

Dr. Cindy Barnes,

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Shepherd works the way you do

Dr. Cindy Barnes

Dr. Cindy Barnes knows how difficult it is to run a veterinary practice, provide the best care, and, on top of it all, try to savor life too. With 20+ years in the field and as the Medical Director of the first 24/7 emergency animal hospital in northern Arizona, she saw how administrative inefficiencies and clunky software programs worked against her—causing her to spend hours after each shift finishing the day’s medical records—instead of for her. Plus, they were wildly expensive.

She knew that there must be a better way and that being a vet—being able to improve the lives of pets and their people—should bring a whole lot more joy.

So she started building Shepherd: veterinary practice management software that intuitively matches how vets and technicians actually operate.

Customer care team

Led by experienced vet techs, the Shepherd customer care team has been there and done that. (In other words, after they answer all your product questions, you'll want to pour a drink and swap war stories.)

Available every day from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. EST to answer any questions, help solve problems, provide additional training, and let you know you're not alone.

Shepherd works the way you do
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Entire team = 100% animals lovers

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